• Charlotte

Going Inward.

It was Good Friday when I decided to dive head first down the rabbit hole. I had inadvertently clicked on a reel posted by someone on Instagram that took me to the page of a woman talking about the moon being a satellite that is used to control the minds of the masses (without getting into this in depth right now the moon controls our oceans and seas and as the human body is also made up of 60-70% water the theory is that the moon is therefore able to manipulate us too [just speak to any doctor or nurse who works in the ER and they will tell you how many more “crazies” they get coming in around the full moon]. Anyway, I digress).

I found myself quite quickly drawn into a world discussing paedophilia, cover-ups of the elite and human trafficking. It saddened me that to most people this woman would sound like an insane, crazed lunatic or conspiracy theorist. She talked about false light and spiritual bypassing – how some people in the new age spiritual world will encourage you to focus on the light and “stay positive”. Quote: “don’t kill my vibe”. The fact of the matter is – there is a lot of corruption, greed and darkness in the world that we live in and to ignore it when you are aware of it seems like a disservice to future generations.

I found myself feeling disheartened. Mine was not a relaxed spiritual awakening, it was a full throttle thrust forward that happened so quickly I may as well have hopped onto a space shuttle and headed into outer space. During my journey through a four year crystal meth addiction I had seen the depths of hell inside myself and within other people. But I had dragged myself through to the other side and found the light. After having been surrounded by darkness for so long I cannot tell you what the light feels like. Pure bliss. But to stay in this perpetual state of bliss when there is so much suffering going on the world does not seem quite right. This woman had made me feel uncomfortable, she had brought me back down to earth.

It’s all very well raising your vibration, elevating your frequency and sending this out into the collective but to do this without ever shining any light on the mass corruption that is being covered up all around the world so that other people might wake up to it felt incredibly selfish.

This then raises the question: how does one keep their vibration and frequency high whilst simultaneously bringing topics with such negative and low vibrational frequencies to light?

This was the question that was at the crux of the hopelessness I could feel starting to set in. I wasn’t sure of the answer. I closed my eyes, put my hand on my heart and asked myself “what do I do?” and the answer came back as clearly as if I was having a conversation with someone sitting right beside me: “Go inward. It is only when we look inside ourselves that we are truly able to see. Without outside noise, the truth will be revealed.”

And with that I hopped onto Instagram to let everyone know I was going to disappear for a week. I blocked off my calendar so that I couldn’t accept any future Reiki bookings and messaged my friends and family to let them know I would be unreachable for the next seven days.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen this week. All I know is that I’m going to learn a lot and that I am going to write as though my life depended on it.

Watch this space.

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