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"Just F*cking Do It"

Updated: Jan 30

I absolutely love to write. Ever since I was a little girl I have always kept journals. Reams and reams of my innermost thoughts and feelings spilling out the pages of spiralbound notebooks. Probably the only person in the 21st century to still own a fountain pen, I would send lengthy love letters to boyfriends, write little poems and witty anecdotes to myself about the world around me and even enjoy adding dramatic flair to newsletter e-mails when I worked as a receptionist... And people would always tell me the same thing "Charlotte, you should write a book."

I would write and write and write but then tuck everything away and say to myself "I love writing, but I don't really have anything to write about."

In a twist of somewhat cruel, dramatic fate (I say this rather tongue-in-cheek as I am well aware that we are all the authors of our own lives) I was finally given something to write about!

Since I started sharing the story of my drug addiction I have had so many people reach out to me; strangers, old friends, new friends, old work colleagues, people struggling with addiction, people who have family affected by addiction, people who have beaten addiction. The list is endless. But one thing that I have begun to realise is that by sharing my story I am also sharing something really important. I am sharing the feeling of hope. I am helping people realise that rock bottom does not have to be the end of the story. Rock bottom can be the beginning.

So as I sit here at 2:17am (I might not smoke ice / crystal meth anymore but I have been and always will be a night owl!) sipping on my chamomile tea (oh how times have changed!) I thought I would take the words a wise friend of mine shared with me recently and say this:

If there's something you really love doing, "just f*cking do it" because there are people out there with half the talent you have who are making serious waves just because they weren't afraid of getting started.

And on that note, this concludes my first blog post.

Love and light

Charlotte <3

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